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Welcome to my site. I appreciate you stopping by.  My name is A. Scottie Davis and I'm excited to share my thoughts with you in a fun and creative way. I have been an avid writer for many years and just finished my first novel called Pretty Ugly Blues. Most of my writing has been focused on spoken word pieces over the years and while I've never shared them publicly; I have found a way to incorporate them into my weekly podcast series called DRSKITZO. Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoy.

Author of Pretty Ugly Blues. Podcaster, Blogger, and healthcare worker

(and in the beginning)

And in the beginning 

there was me

Only me 

Until he

who shall not undoubtedly be

the reason I shed my dignity.

An depiction of a woman who has two sides to her


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Currently looking for creative writer's in the spoken word genre to build a showcase.  Let's connect.

Thanks for submitting!

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