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How many times have you been judged from the color or your skin, the way that you talk or walk, or from a single event in your life when you might not have been portraying the best version of yourself? How many times have you misjudged others?

A woman arrives at the emergency room the other day in full hysterics. She was screaming and thrashing about and had to be put in full restraints. Emergency staff could not calm her and many assumed that she was on drugs. Drs ordered a sedative to calm her. Restraints stayed in place and everyone went on to attend other patients. As the woman returned to her senses, people ignored her cries for help. When she was taken for diagnostic testing the police officer assigned to her showed up. The physician inquired about her behavior to which the officer replied. "We arrived on the scene of a horrific traffic accident to find the woman in the middle of the highway performing CPR on her seven year old son who had died." The woman was clearly distraught beyond anyone's comprehension. To experience that level of pain and tragedy is astonishing yet thousands of people experience this everyday. The judgement of people by people needs to be checked. Until you know what a person is going through or what they have experienced, it would be best to reserve judgement. The old adage Judge not lest ye be judged holds true in so many forms. The best way I know how to judge less in my journey is to realize the person or people in front of me could be me someday or someone I really love. All it takes is the flip of a day.

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