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Is the internet good for mental health?

In the DRSKITZO podcast episode two, a question like this is asked. Evidence has been presented to Congress that the internets usage has a direct affect on mental health. Children are getting addicted in record numbers and the suicidal attempts are climbing in proportion. I can tell you my mental health suffered in the early days of the internet's invention. Has yours and how so? In my case I found that these younger folks were taking in millions of dollars and still are by their creative ways of posting. Some were just being stupid but they garnered a lot of attention. Here I am working 40-50 hours a week in a somewhat noble profession and I will see not a fraction of what they are getting for shaking their ass or just plain eating. It pissed me off. But since I have come from the era of pre internet usage I was able to bounce out of that rather quickly. What has your mental experience been like on the internet? I know some folks just don't use it for reasons of how it effects their mental health. Do you think the internet should be policed or banned ? Your thoughts.

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