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Helping the Hopeless

I was talking to a friend today about our "mentally challenged" loved ones. The ones who refuse to get help or can't because of financial reasons. What do you do ? How do you help the helpless? It got me thinking about the many families that are worried about their sons and daughters who have run off into the world ill prepared The majority of the homeless population has mental health issues. We drive past them everyday, trying not to notice their vacant stares as they beg for money at intersections. Most of us turn away and chalk them up as drug addicts or derelicts. But if you personally know or love someone who you've watched grow into the person they've become, you see these hopeless stares and wonder. You wonder how can you reach them. How you can help them. Even when they don't want help for themselves. You still hope as time slides by. The question I have is when you've given everything in you to reach them, tried every resource available. When do you let go? When do you give up? When do you realize their despair will consume you and drown your own happiness ? Let's talk about it. It's hard to fathom with all the technology and intelligent, driven people in the world that we have not solved this growing problem.

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